Super calculator has been redeveloped by one of best C++ engineerings of the world.
Now the program has many advanced features and brings you many big surprises.
We proudly declare that the software is the best calculator among all of this kind programs found on the internet by us.
Please do not skip the opportunity from downloading and using it, which is also totally free! .

Company profile
SyncEdit is a software company at leading edge of developing programming and general tools. (read more ...)

"Best at every point" is slogan of our software team for years - you will realize that after using our products shortly.
Our products, based on the team's brilliant contributions, become outstanding software in this competitive world.

We are proud of our software team for its research skills, programming experiences and user considerations.
We are proud of our friendly users for their suggestions and comments.
SyncEdit would not be so successful if not for their support.

We want to say thanks to you also - thanks for using our software.

Software downloads
Free download - Graphics
Paper Label Maker download
A professional software for printing paper labels in plenty styles and excellent qualities by normal laser and inkjet printers.
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Main advantages are
  1. Prints paper labels with high degree of accuracy - tolerance is within 0.1 - 0.5 mm.
    The significant precision relies on one-time measurement of unprintable area of your printer, which is easily to be done to get start.
  2. Rich in styles with Border, Place, Image, Trace, Font and Align properties.
    • Border property
      four styles - none, square, slash and ellipse with count, thickness and dimension options.
    • Place property
      Margins, gaps (spaces) and sizes for label positions.
    • Image property
      Image can be resized, resampled, fitted and clipped on labels.
      Barcode image also can be imported for printing.
  3. Smart projects
    • Single project
      Target for printing same content, such as return address.
    • Multiple project
      Target for printing distinctive contents, such as postal addresses.
    • Format project
      Outcomes are formattable with various fields.
      Typical usages are for product and software labels, such as Individual customer IDs and CD-keys.
  4. Support for all databases implicitly
    It supplies methods for transferring customer data from database for printing user related labels.
    Transferring techniques is valid implicitly to all databases, such as mysql, Oracle and sql-server.
  5. Standalone ware
    The software neither creates any templates, nor requires any third part software as assistant tools, such as MS word, PowerPoint, Adobe reader and writer, which works individually and independently.
Paper labels are different from CD/DVD labels even the software can print both.
Image Copier download
The software contains over 5,600 icons with unrivaled features. Icons are arranged in different catgories for easy-use.
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Standard icon sizes of the software are 32x32 or 16x16 pixels.
It is recommended to enlarge and magnify icons to following dimensions: In other words, sized image should be integer times of original one.
E.g. 8x8, 12x12, 20x20, 24x24 pixels should be used with care, because their colors may be changed unexpectedly.

Free download - Java
Java Launcher download
The powerful Java software has nine advanced features and is broadly welcome by Java programmers and learners.
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  1. Run java applications and applets by double-clicking class files.
    Similar to execute the class by a batch file or DOS command, but the feature can automatically detect and set correct classpath for you.
  2. Deploy class file as Java source code and display class hierarchy in graphic format by right-clicking class files.
    The feature of first part decodes class file as Java scope code, rather than a Java decompiler.
  3. Examine contents of jar and zip files in details without extracting them by right-clicking.
    It disassembles compressed file as its archive tree and reviews contents of every internal files.
  4. Compile thousands of java files by right-clicking in explorer.
    Typical usage is, but not restricted, to compile abundant Java samples and examples quickly and easily without exhausting any of your enegies.
  5. Execute thousands of applications and applets by right-clicking in explorer.
    It is, but not restricted to, sub sequence of feature 4 above to let you run Java applets and applications dramatically.
  6. Debug thousands of applications and applets by right-clicking in explorer.
    It is, but not restricted to, sub sequence of feature 4 above to let you debug Java applets and applications by auto invoking jdb.
    The feature reveals Java methods and fields then supplies stop in, stop at, cout, watch, trace and all debug commands for your conveniences.
  1. Create windows exe files
    Encodes all related files and packages as an independent single Windows exe file with sufficient user options in accurate Java routines.
  2. Create executable jar files
    Compresses Java components with default or user manifest file as entries into an executable Jar file.
  1. Automatically creates an advanced Help System for JDK (or) J2SE documentations.
    Similar to Microsoft HTML help contents popularly used by Windows applications.
    It can retrieve and exhibit more information:
    • all ASC files, such as Java, xml,text files.
    • class files in scope code
    • zip and jar files.
Following version history is for download references
SyncJEdit download
A full-featured Java IDE with many world unique tools, such as add listner automatically, to enhance Java programming qualities.
(read more ...)
The Java IDE (integrated development environment) combines good features of other Java IDEs and creates many extraordinary attributes of ours to ensure the Java IDE is the best one in the world.
Followings are several our contributions to Java. It also fully supports for normal java tools, such as Javadoc, Jar, Javah, Javap, Keytool, Jarsigner and Ant.
The program is not only a Java IDE as you used before, but also a Java library, laboratory and factory for your programming and researches.
Java Toolkit download
The Java software contains improvements of Javadoc, Jar, Keytool, Javah, Javap, Jarsigner, Ant, and tools uniquely developed by us.
(read more ...)
Common tools: Unique tools
Java Help System download
Automatically creates an advanced help system for JDK (or J2SE) documentations.
(read more ...)
The help system is similar to Windows help contents used by many Windows applications - including four tables: Contents, Index, Search, Favorite tabs.
The software automatically creates the help system without spending your any time and energy.
Besides normal features of MS help system, it can The help system enhances your programming speed and qualities because you can retrieve Java information easier and faster.

Free download - Tools
Hyper Care download
A powerful software for cheching missed links, TAG and script errors. It is an essential tool for any kind of html designers.
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The program is designed for optimizing html files of Of course, the software can analyzes a single html file on remote website or local machine as simplest use.
Super Calculator download
The software is a text editable calculator and much better than normal calculator you used before.
(read more ...)
Multiple sentences, variables, formats, definitions and other features will make your mathematics easier.
WinCut download
The software cutes a large file into smaller pieces, then recovers them to original one easily, it is very useful for managing download files.
(read more ...)
For example, if you are a webmaster and have a large download file (such as movie and video file), you can use the tool to cut it as several pieces for your customers, then downloaders can recur them back to original one easily after downloading.
You should set a link to our download file, so customers can download it from your place directly.
Icon To Bitmap download
The software converts all icons under a directory into a single bitmap file.
(read more ...)
The tool was developed for company use, we add it to download list in case you need it.

Online software
Java Class Hierarchy using it
The world unique online program displays class hierarchies of all Java classes and interfaces in JDK with perfect layout.
(read more ...)
It can also display class properties (inner classes, constructors, methods and fields) easily.
User can input either full qualifier (package and class name) or sole name of a class for finding and viewing.
Raised objects are classes and sunken ones are interfaces on class hierarchy diagram.
Your screen resolution should be 800x600 pixels or larger to show result appropriately.
The online software is very useful for your researches, studies, teachings and documentation reports.
It is a Java applet implemented by JDK 1.1 to be compatible with minimum JRE installation.
The online software is embedded inside Java IDE SyncJEdit and tool Java Launcher.
You can get faster and better access from the two software than the online one, because online needs client-server communications.

Brilliant efforts
All of our products are easy-to-use with high qualities in both user interfaces and background achievements by carefully designing to target to different level users, from dummy to professional. (read more ...)

Currently, our software are mainly developed on Windows operating system by C++ and java languages with downward features to be executed on Win95/98.
Pure java software are implemented with JVM 1.1 if possible, which are real OS independent with exactly the same performances on all popular operating systems and analyzed by all versions of java virtual machine. Java applets are confirmed by various web browsers.

All of our products include install/uninstall in pair except naked software which can be executed directly.
Setup and removing process are firmly reliance without any hidden/remained parts.

We guarantee that our programs are clean, health, secure and trustable without any spy ware, anti legal ware and virus, which can be safely used for your business and for research purposes.

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